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Movie: Mr Right

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Movie: Mr Right

Postby red_ned » Sat Jun 25, 2016 9:05 pm

After a going through a painful break up, a woman meets a man who appears to be perfect for her. However, as their relationship develops, she learns that he is a former hit-man. Their new, but genuine relationship is tested even further as they try to save each other after his dark past comes back to haunt him.



Strangely this could be the best film i saw this last week and it surprised the hell out of me. Its funny and fast and violent and has some wonderful insanity in it from both the lead characters. I thought it would be a bland Anna Kendrick outing and it turned into a funny film with several really good characters (Tim Roth for one) and it really did entertain me with some laugh out loud moments.
Maybe i was drunk? I don't remember drinking but i have to say i really liked this.
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