1. Ickle will become leader whenever we see fit.
2. Kop is GaY, face it.
3. We don’t accept or tolerate homophobia (except to disregard rule 2).
4. We do not suffer fools gladly, except for Godd who is a fool.
5. Matches don’t just begin, they come after practice.
6. Penguins are your friend, be nice to them.
7. Subsection (iv) paragraph 9a states how we deal with idiots. We make them leader.
8. Catfishes are not cats nor fishes so don’t ask about it.
9. Members must submit any availability for matches in writing at least 18 months before to the person mentioned in section (iivx) subsection (v) paragraph 1q, in red crayon.
10. Club mascot must turn up all the time and munch rugs.
11. Drinking before matches is compulsory, being drunk is a bonus.
12. Closing left eye while emping whole defense counts as a cap.
13. People capping flag are fair game for TK and cap stealing.
14. Joining must be greater than the number of times you leave.
15. Reference to rugs, lesbians and munching are ok on ventrilo along with incomings and outgoings.
16. Ventrilo is not the same as Ventral, Ventrilo is more useful.
17. Ned is GoD, obey his every command and send in cash or fish heads.
18. When spying always shout on MM1 “I am a spy please shoot me as I’m pants”.
19. If you see a spy shouting “I am a spy please shoot me as I’m pants”, shoot him as he’s retarded or Spermy or both.
20. Kopster should be listened to as leader, seen on match nights and ignored when trying to borrow goat porn.
21. Goats are people too!
22. Always have a handy supply of jaffa cakes and jammy dodgers when in irc.
23. Don’t ask, we know.
24. Fat is a food group and a state of being, thin people smell weird and don’t deserve the cream cakes. 25. CiC reserves the right to be darn right nasty any time it feels.
26. Did we mention Kop is GaY?
27. Under subsection 3 paragraph (xi) subsection s14 every member is required to make pirate noises on comms during practices.
28. All members must give up all hax to Byte, as he is the mastah.
29. Whatever it sounds like, Yoshiarms isn’t really a chipmunk (honest guv!).
30. Penguins should not be harmed while making a cheese sandwich.
31. Coffee is served after match by Womble for all the good boys n girls.
32. If you drink alcohol during matches make sure you drink enough for the rest of the clan.
33. Nothing blue can be worn during friendlies.
34. No fish can be invited into #cic without first asking red_neds great granddad.
35. CiC reserve the right to refuse entry to Elvis impersonators.
36. We won’t tolerate the intolerant.
37. Ok Yoshi is Alvin ok we admit it!
38. Fun is only Fun when its Fun, and that’s all the time with CiC.
39. Toys are expected to stay in the pram at all times even when humiliated in a match.
40. Absolutely no blind people were harmed in the making of the rules.

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