Website created mainly with open source materials.

WordPress as a base CMS using a bespoke theme written by red_ned using Aristeer for base design.
Plug-ins: Ajax Event Calendar, Google Analytics, Include HTML and PHP, Pierre’s Wordspew, Twitter Goodies, WordPress to phpBB 3.0.x Bridge, Collapsible Widgets, Local Time Clock, Smart Youtube PRO, Track That Stat, Ultimate TinyMCE.

Style and code created using Notepad++ and Firfox 10/11 with Firebug and using compatibility in IE9 64bit and in Opera 11.62.
Images edited with Gimp2 and Paintshop.
Initially designed using Desktop Server.

Forums are PHPBB3.

All images used are either owned by CiC or fall outside copyright or are used under license, if anything belongs to you then please get in touch and we will remove it.

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